The Mexican Hydroponic Society, A.C.

Through 20 years of activities, has developed a great number of growers, from self-consumption producers, and also those that practice it as an assistance to family income, as well as those that sell piecemeal, or half-piecemeal, and some that have since become exporters.

Furthermore, it has certified several educational organizations; formed enablers, organized small enterprises, it has published several practical handbooks related to landless cultivation.

The International Association of Hydroponycs Consultants was initially formed in 2008 by seven countries (Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Holland, Costa Rica, United States and Peru). Now, other eleven countries have been added (Chile, Uruguay, China, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Brazil, Singapur and Belgium) to total 18 countries

Through its events (courses) and bi-annual events (International Hydroponics Congresses, it has atracted other countries interests´, in which similar events now take place.

It has received national and international recognition for its diffusion in both, Mexico and abroad.