The study of the hydroponic has a long trajectory of which one has knowledge, for 382 B.C. but the first written information dates of 1600, when the Belgian Jan goes Helmont document its experience about that the plants obtain nutritious substances starting from the water, in 1699 the English John Woodward cultivation plants in water containing diverse sustratos and he found that the growth of the plants was the result of certain substances in the obtained water of the floor the investigations they continued and it is in 1804 when, De Saussure it exposed the principle that the plants are composed by obtained chemical elements of the water floor and air.

The German scientists Sachs and Knop demonstrated that the plants could be cultivated in a half inert one humidified with nutritious solution and this gave origin to the nuticultura, in the following years they were developed several you formulate basic for the study of the vegetable nutrition in 1915 Hoagland, 1919 Trelease and it is horn 1925 when the industry of the hothouses is interested in the necessity of frequently changing the earth to avoid problems of structure fertility and illnesses.

At the beginning of the thirty W. F. Gericke professor of the university of California calls to this system Hydroponic derived word of the words Greek Hydro water and Ponos Work and this technique can be defined as the science of the growth of the plants without using the floor although using a half inert one as the gravel, sand, vemiculita, pumice stone, etc.

W.F. Gericke cultivation vegetables in hydroponic, demonstrating their utility and providing foods for the North American troops parked in the islands incultivables of the Pacific at the beginning of 1940.

After the second world war the military ones continued using the technique and they established a project of 22 hectares in the island of Chofu (Japan) to the step of the time he/she expanded the technique in commercial plan, and the years 50 ` the countries like Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Australia and Holland that also adopted it.

Presently with the help of the plastics a great advance has been given in this technique that has expanded our horn country and it is from 1994 when Our Association is Born soon after the interest that he/she woke up the reading of Editorial Diana’s Book Basic hydroponic written by Gloria Samperio Ruiz and through the courses and international congresses carried out by our organization, the number of farming hydroponic has been increased at different production levels in Mexico.