To all the professors and students at the technical level and degree of all disciplines; to present projects in scientific, technical, social and developmental research related to the topic of Hydroponics (soilless cultivation).

FIRST: Research projects.
Projects must be Investigation on scientific topics (physiology, nutrition, etc.), technical (cropping systems and water savings, materials, software, etc.) And social (economic, ecological, sustainable development etc..) And presented online at the website of the Mexican Hydroponic Association where the application for registration of projects is available. Projects must be original and delivered in a timely manner; as indicated in the application for registration.
Professors and students interested must apply to participate via the Internet. Deadline on August 30, 2015. The approved projects will be selected by a committee of the AC Mexican Hydroponic Association

SECOND. Participant.
Every postulation under this call, assumes the commitment to attend.
Each research project must be presented at the event by a single investigator. Although they will be mentioned in the presentation co-investigators. Professors and students who belong to a higher-level institution may participate, attaching proof of current membership in this educational institution.

THIRD. The format of the research project.
The format will be text and images to consideration of the author. It will be delivered electronically covering the following specifications:
1.- Full name of author (s) and current institution affiliation.2.- Text in Arial 12, single spaced and justified
3.-The wording should not exceed 20 pages.

FOURTH. Structure of Projects.
It should contain the following:
1.- Title: It should be clear, brief and report on fundamental object of the investigation.
2.-Summary: Describe in a clear and concise objectives, results and highlight the impact of research, not to exceed 500 words.
3.-Introduction. Exhibit the background that led to the work and objectives.
4.-Project development, problems and hypotheses, brief theoretical framework, materials and methods, design of experiments, collecting and analyzing the results.
5.-Conclusions drawn easily, showing consistency with the established hypothesis.
6.-References and sources consulted.

FIFTH. Assessment.
Research projects will be submitted to the committee a preliminary of the Mexican Hydroponic Association selection; Research projects that comply with the rules of this call will be submitted for evaluation by the AC Mexican Hydroponic Association thus evaluating irrevocably; an opinion on the quality and relevance of the projects and issue recommendations for final approval is made, as well as exposure.

SIXTH. Evaluation Criteria.

The criteria used in the evaluation of the projects are:

1.- Scientific, technological, social quality if.

2.- Originality and innovative content.
3.- Quality and feasibility to achieve the objectives.

SEVENTH. Results.
The results of the acceptance of the research projects are final and you will be informed via the internet, each participant if their research project was selected on September 7, 2015.

OCTAVE. Acknowledgments.
1.-Selected participants will be given recognition with curricular value, backed by the committee of the Association Mexicana AC Hydroponics and the International Association of Consultants Hydroponics.
2.-selected research projects will be presented at the 9th International Congress Course and Hydroponics, on 15, 16 and 17 October 2015. Where can carry any auxiliary items for display.
3.-Th selected: first, second and third place will make your oral presentation and / or PowerPoint lasting 20 minutes, plus 20 minutes for questions and answers in the general forum also will exhibit their posters permanently in shopping and your posters are free size, not exceeding 1.50m wide and up to 2.00m high.
First: Tablet will be delivered.
Second: was given 3 books of hydroponic.
Third: was given 2 books of hydroponic.
Of the 10 accepted papers were selected to be displayed on posters in the general area.
5-They will grant a 50% discount on the cost of the event
6. Fellows selected for oral presentation will be given 25% discount will be given a forum.

NINTH. General Considerations.
The registration fee for this call is two hundred fifty pesos 250.00 deposit by the Mexican Hydroponic Association Banorte cta no. CLABE 0844895392 072420008448953921

Matters not provided in this announcement shall be decided by the Mexican Hydroponic Association AC; is the understanding that the nominations made this call, accept all the terms. contact the Mayor Reports:

Mexican Hydroponic Association B.C.
Tel / Fax (722) 215 81 54 and 214 0388

Download the invitation to Universities here: