Biol.  James W. Brown

Biol.  James W. Brown

Jim was graduated from Nova Scotia Agricultural College with an Associates Degree,  Macdonald College of McGill University with a BSc(Agr) degree and Cornell University with a MS degree.

Horticulture and Vegetable Crops were his major areas of studies and Plant Physiology was his minor in the masters program

For the past 30 years, Jim has worked with hydroponic greenhouse growers as a technical advisor and consultant.

Both initial training programs for new growers and more advanced training programs for experienced hydroponic growers have been conducted by him on a continuing basis.

He has helped produce CD and DVD demonstrations of cultural procedures and techniques.

He has written articles for hydroponic and horticultural periodicals.

The CropKing Grower’s Manual was authored by Jim as a step by step guide for beginning growers.

As a conference speaker, Jim has spoken in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Kentucky, Alberta and at several CropKing Conferences in various locations.